A Quarter Century ago we created a Space Planning Interior design organization whose aim was to create unique and forward thinking ideas in interior design with a focus on luxury residential developers, both multi and single family. Our approach was to develop a sales tool which would inspire the consumer to make an educated decision on whether to rent or purchase a property.

As space planners we have a unique lens, which captures and expands the footprint of the architectural plan. Our goal is to enhance the project through utilizing the space and placement of furnishing and accessories. Adhering to demographic information provided by the clients marketing team we create interiors which are targeted towards the psychographic desires of the renter and buyer. We deliver on time and within the financial frame work dictated by our developer client.

Creating over 3,000 interiors, we have contributed to the sales and rental of over a billion dollar in luxury high rise development.

As a full service space planning Interior Design Company our team of creative designers have implemented lobbies, healthy clubs, country clubs and various other public areas. Our commercial contract division offers corporate facility executives a team which focuses on the needs of both corporation and their employees. We develop interior schemes which are residential in feel but productive in design utilization of current and future technology and employee needs.

Moving into the 21st century our design group has refocused on the utilization of eco-friendly furnishing and accessories in order to create “HEALTHY INTERIORS”.OUR MOTTO, CREATIVE DESIGN FINANCIAL AWARENESS breeds project and client success.


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