Elaine LewisElaine Lewis

Elaine Lewis began her career as a fashion model and went on to become the reigning Queen of model apartments and space planning. In addition to her role as interior designer to celebrities and the rich and famous, Ms. Lewis has designed for many Fortune 500 companies and star developers including: Lefrak, Zeckendorf, Tisch, Resnick, and The Millstein Family, many of whom are responsible for 80% of the high-end luxury residential developments that make up Manhattan’s skyline. It’s no surprise that celebrities such as The Rolling Stones, Sidney Poitier, Tom Jones, Eartha Kitt, and Yankee Pitcher Steve Karsay seek out Elaine Lewis when it’s time to decorate their home, office, airplane, yacht, marina, or health club. Ms. Lewis renovated the world-famous Friars Club. Her book, “Less Is More” (Viking Publishers), now in its 5th printing, sold over 100,000 copies.





Allen Gutwirth
Vice President of Marketing and Sales

A graduate of NYU STERN SCHOOL both undergraduate and graduate with an MBA in Marketing. Mr. Gutwirth has directed both the sales and marketing of Elaine Lewis International for the past 16 years. Prior to join Elaine Lewis International, Mr. Gutwirth was Director of special projects for THE AMERICAN BROADCASTING COMPANIES.







Winsome Bolt
Interior Designer

A Jamaican born native, resided in New York City for fifteen years exploring her artistic interests through mentors such as Sonia Civello (Interior Design, Sachs in New York), and Edith Temchin, impressionism Artist of Miami, Florida). Now residing in Miami, FL with Elaine Lewis International, she specializes in color, wall design and Modern Style Decor. A large part of her decorative work has been with residential homes in Miami, Florida.